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English Revision Sessions

Friday 27th March 2014

Miss Pitcher Leigh's revision session on Friday 27th March 2014 is cancelled.


A Lunchtime 'clinic' session will be held on Monday 31st March @ 12.10pm.


An Edmodo session will be held on Monday 31st March 2014 @ 7pm.

27/03/2014 10:23

Reporting Youtube Videos

CEOP have  recently released a set of videos called Know where to go.

Know where to go is an ongoing series of short instruction videos intended to demonstrate to young people how they can protect themselves on popular websites.

The videos are available on the CEOP Youtube channel.

15/04/2013 09:45

Useful Links

Want to find out more about the issues around Bullying?
Take a look at the Bullying UK website.

Do you use Facebook, Bebo or other social sites?
Take a look at this site if you do!

10/11/2008 14:03

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